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A Kiss of Blood



Dear Readers,

Welcome back to Vamp City!
The second book in my new Vamp City series, A Kiss of Blood is now in stores and available for download!

Only one woman can save vamp city . . .

One of the few humans who managed to escape the deadly twilight world of Vamp City, Quinn Lennox vows never to return. But the vampires want her back, for only she has the power to renew the magic of their crumbling world and free the vampires trapped within.

When the dangerous and all-too-seductive Arturo Mazza comes for her, Quinn knows she can never trust him after the betrayal she suffered at his hands. But with her beloved brother's fate hanging in the balance, and her own power beginning to emerge, she chooses to risk all on yet another perilous journey back to Vamp City. And though she tries to deny it, her heart begins to hold hope that even a ruthless vampire can learn the meaning of true love . . .

Try your luck
I’m offering a signed copy of Kerrelyn Sparks’ delightful paranormal romance, Wild About You to one lucky winner. All you have to do is visit the Contest page on my website, read the excerpt of, A Kiss of Blood, and enter!

A Feral update
Wulfe’s book, Wulfe Untamed, is already available for pre-order on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites. The book comes out January 28, 2014 and will be the last in the series, for now, wrapping up the Daemon blade story arc. But never fear, I anticipate more Feral stories in the future. Check out Wulfe's cover on my Coming Next page!

Happy reading!


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